Green Number Plates for EVs Are on the Way

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government's People in Charge of Transportation Issues are pushing ahead with a consultation on how to add more momentum to the UK's switch to electric cars, and has raised one boring old idea from its slumber – issuing green number plates for full-electric cars.

The consultation will decide whether to go all-green as pictured above, or to include a green side flash or dot to the plate instead. This would "raise awareness" and "normalise the idea" of the special type of new car that's better for the world if you don't count some of the things, as well as making it easier for owners to hook up to local EV-only initiatives, like privileged VIP town centre parking, the option of letting EVs use bus lanes, or restricting road traffic to only vehicles that don't dump out exhaust fumes.

Perhaps of more interest to potential-EV-buying-people currently running the numbers against various leasing options today is SSE Energy's launch of a new tariff for electric car owners, called 1 Year Fix and Drive; a deal that offers customers who charge their cars at home, overnight, between midnight and 7:00am when the power's cheap, as much as 2,000 kWh of "free" electricity to trickle into their vehicles, matched with 100 per cent renewable generation. [GOV, SSE]