Gymbox Launches Climate Change and/or Zombie Apocalypse Training

By Gavin Whenman on at

If the Extinction Rebellion protests have got you worrying about how you'll cope when/if a climate emergency hits, then London-based fitness provider Gymbox is raring to get you ready with what they claim is the first gym class that will prepare you for the end of the world.

In an act of shameless greenwashing noble corporate responsibility, they've started offering high-intensity interval training classes designed to "prepare the body and mind for rising water levels, scorching heat, extreme winds, poor air quality and a lack of fresh drinking water." The 45-minute "Extinction Training" workout, held in a specially heated room set at the predicted temperature of the planet in 2050 will take participants through a series of climate emergency exercises, all while wearing fresh-air limiting asphyxiation masks and having access to just 125ml of water each.

They might claim it's geared towards extreme climate change preparedness, but those fearing the inevitable outbreak of the zombie apocalypse could find it useful too.

Rory McEntee, Gymbox's creative director, offered a minor note of hope amid their overwhelming message of doom and gloom. "At the moment Extinction Training is just a gym class, we hope it never becomes a reality. The only thing hotting up should be your Instagram, not the planet.”

If that doesn't make your entire body cringe and you live in the capital, then the Extinction Training class is available now in Gymbox’s Farringdon club.