Harland and Wolff Salvaged by £6m Buyout

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Harland and Wolff shipyard is not going to be closed and sold off as really interesting historical scrap, as a buyer for the business has emerged with £6m and a plan to keep on the 80-odd staff still currently employed – but not actually working – by the ages-old panel beater.

The latest owner of the yard is InfraStrata, which currently earns its money by assembling large scale gas storage facilities. We can't imagine it's much of an effort to switch from making ship hulls and oil rig components to massive gas tanks, they're just a bit of a different shape and without windows, and a lid of some sort. They don't even have to float. They'll be fine.

InfraStrata even has a plan to boost staff numbers at the yard by several hundred over the next five years, with boss John Wood saying: "Harland and Wolff is a landmark asset and its reputation as one of the finest multi-purpose fabrication facilities in Europe is testament to its highly skilled team in Belfast." [BBC]