Hot Newcomers "The Beatles" Tipped for Album Chart #1

By Gary Cutlack on at

The band that taught the world the wrong way to spell beetle is about to top the UK album charts once again, with The Beatles' last recorded hurrah Abbey Road set to dethrone Liam Gallagher and become the nation's most popular record to buy.

It's thanks to  a wildly successful campaign to mark the disc's 50th anniversary this year, with a remastered and remixed reissue filled with outtakes and alternative mixes and recordings of the classics helping push the album right to the top of the charts. At least it probably will hit the top on Friday, as the Charts Company says it's currently 12,000 sales ahead of the #2.

Men of a certain age have been buying up the Abbey Road (50th Anniversary) Super Deluxe vinyl box set for around the £80 mark, although there's a CD of it for around £16 if the drive on your computer still works or there's a slot in the car. And of course it's all on Spotify, as that epoch when The Beatles weren't streaming is long gone, and streams even count now. [Sky News]