Huawei May Play a Part in the UK's 5G Network After All

By Shabana Arif on at

The UK could be on the verge of letting Huawei into its 5G infrastructure after initial security concerns.

Huawei's involvement in the country's 5G network has been uncertain since the US kicked off about China and security concerns. Health secretary Matt Hancock cautioned against rash action, saying Britain needs to develop its own British-based rival before booting out Huawei. The indecision has been dragging on for a while, with pressure to keep the Chinese tech giant out coming from the US.

Now it seems that PM Boris Johnson is ushering things along to some degree by contemplating allowing Huawei into the "non-contentious" parts of the infrastructure, according to Sunday Times' sources. Presumably the part where a sudden bout of spying isn't going to be of much consequence.

Former digital minister Jeremy Wright advised against any decision-making on the matter until the consequences of the US' ban panned out, saying it would be "wrong" to try to rush things along. By welcoming Huawei in after all - even in a limited capacity - the UK faces potential backlash from the US, so if the reports are accurate, this should be interesting. [Engadget]