Irn Bru Fans Plan Factory Raid For Full-Sugar Recipe

By Gary Cutlack on at

An online hardcore of Irn Bru fans are threatening to gather at the drink's key manufacturing facility in Scotland, where they might, but almost certainly won't, storm the premises to find the original sugary recipe.

This is the ongoing fuss caused by a reduction in sugar the drink's makers pushed through a year ago in order to evade the sugar tax, a recipe change that didn't go down well with the orange beverage's fans. Hence the awareness-raise of a supposed Facebook event titled "Storm the Irn-Bru factory for original recipe product."

The errors in the idea being that AG Barr hasn't made any full-fat Irn Bru for a year so there's none to be had, and even if someone does emerge with a USB stick containing the recipe it'll be hard to reproduce in a Glasgow kitchen using the contents of mum's spice cupboard and dad's work flask.

Still, more than 700 people have said they're going to the Cumbernauld factory on November 15 to at least protest a bit, so something is going to happen, even if it's only a load of people waving amusing banners about. [Daily Record]