John Lewis Suspects the Drone Craze Might be Over

By Gary Cutlack on at

Department store chain John Lewis is not the place to buy your consumer-level drone this year, for one rather large reason; it's stopped selling them altogether.

For two reasons, actually. The chain says sales of drones have been falling amid buyer confusion about new licensing regimes and boring flight restrictions stopping you doing anything more exciting than buzzing the washing line in the back garden between the hours of 13:00 and 15:50, plus it's a little worried about the rise in anti-social flying, as popularised by the great Gatwick no-fly crisis of late 2018. If someone does succeed in taking out a Dreamliner with one and police discover the receipt for it says "John Lewis" it would be quite the PR disaster for the brand name.

A spokesperson the for chain explained all of that in a much more sensible way, saying: "Following the Gatwick drone security breach in December 2018, we made the decision to stop selling drones at John Lewis & Partners this year. Sales were also in decline due to the growing number of restrictions around flying these devices in built-up areas across the country." [BBC]