Lady and the Tramp's Talking Dogs Are Even More Unsettling in the Latest Trailer

By Charles Pulliam-Moore on at

Disney’s Lady and the Tramp isn’t just the studio’s latest live-action adaptation of an animated classic that we could all just stay at home it watch, it’s an unsettling look at the current state of the VFX and animation techniques that are making it possible for animals to talk and emote like humans, which is terrifying to see in action.

Let’s say you’re a dog person who loves the moments when you can see a furry friend’s personality shine through, even though they aren’t able to speak and explicitly tell you what they’re thinking. It’s cute when dogs telegraph their happiness, but the latest Lady and the Tramp trailer demonstrates how downright terrifying it would be if your dog just opened its mouth and made a joke in perfect English.

It’s a movie about dogs falling in love, sure,’s just weird to see so much humanity in animals that are interacting with actual living, breathing people.

Lady and the Tramp and those nightmarish dog faces will bound onto Disney+ on 12 November.