Last Factory Saab Auctioned Off For Environmental Charity

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 2014 Saab 9-3 Aero is in the news today, and not because its 82-year-old driver lost control of it outside a Safeway damaging several shopping trolleys. It's news that the last petrol-driven model to emerge from the former Saab factory is to be put up for auction, after sitting in storage for five years with just 40 miles on the clock.

The current holder of the Saab brand found it, where it had been set aside from the last production run ahead of some unspecified tests; but the reconfiguring of the Saab operation of the day left it unused and untouched. Now owned by NEVS, the remnants of Saab's business are being used to develop a new generation of electric cars, and indeed NEVS tested the water by selling an all-electric reworking of the former carmaker's 9-3 model in China.

This last of the old petrol Saabs is being auctioned to benefit NEVS's Sustainable Mobility Scholarship, with funds going to Sweden's University West to pay for research and development into new transportation models. The auction takes place later this month, with the historic Saab given an opening price of around £36,000. [Bilweb]