Lauren Cohan Is Coming Back to The Walking Dead, Which Is Being Renewed for Season 11

By Charles Pulliam-Moore on at

During this year’s New York Comic Con, the cast of The Walking Dead took to the stage in Madison Square Garden to discuss what’s next for the show as it heads into its tenth season. For the most part, the cast was mum about specific spoilers, but just as the panel was coming to an and, a surprising person hopped up onto the stage the blew everyone in the audience away.

After sitting through the entire panel dressed up as Negan wearing a Jason Vorhees mask, Lauren Cohan tore the mask off and announced that she’s set to return to The Walking Dead as Maggie Rhee. Previously, showrunner Angela Kang expressed her desire to wrap Maggie’s storylines up following the initial news that Cohan was leaving the series, and now it seems as if she’ll get her wish. Cohan, like the rest of the cast, didn’t go into detail about what’s in store for Maggie, but it’s safe to assume that the actor wouldn’t return to the series if Maggie wasn’t getting her time to shine.

Aside from the Maggie news, Kang also announced that The Walking Dead has been renewed with an 11th season and executive producer Robert Kirkman teased that the 10th season, which begins tomorrow, will immediately get to the business of expanding the world of The Walking Dead even more.

Featured image: AMC