Lazy Modern People Can Have Pre-Carved Pumpkins Delivered

By Gary Cutlack on at

People lazy enough to have all their food delivered still vaguely warm and ready to cram into their mouths in gaps between heaving sobs may now skip another tedious part of modern life, as food-bringer Deliveroo is to sell a small number of ready-carved pumpkins – helping people who can't be bothered to at least look like they were, at some point in the recent past, a little bit bothered.

It's a stunt for ironic city folk mainly, as only Deliveroo Editions Food Market sites are taking part in the sale, with the firm's posher delivery bases in London, Leeds and Manchester taking stock of the carved pumpkins for purchase on the 30th and 31st of October. They only cost £1 to add to an order, the cost no doubt subsidised by offsetting it against the national publicity gained from doing something a bit wacky and getting in the (disappointing, online) news.

The pumpkins have been created by someone who calls herself the "Pumpkin Carving Queen," although there are quite a few people calling themselves that on the internet, so we're not sure which one it is. They ought to look good, although the poor queen may well have been crying orange tears by the end of doing a whole 100 of them.

Image credit: Unsplash