Lego Says It's Not Totally Against the Idea of Renting out Sets

By Shabana Arif on at

Lego says it's open to the idea of renting out products, but knowing what people are like, that's a bloody stupid idea.

Considering the apparent difficulty people used to face when it came to simply rewinding their sodding tapes before taking them back to the video rental store, you're crazy if you think they'll diligently round up all the pieces in a Lego set and return it in the complete, pristine condition it was when they got it.

Lego Group’s VP for sustainability, Tim Brooks, is also sceptical at whether or not people can manage the basic level of competence required for participating in such a program, but says it's not off the table entirely.

"We have to start at the point that says what is in it for the consumer. That is what we are just unpicking at moment. It is possible, [but] there are some technical barriers," he explained, while maintaining that he's “totally open” to the idea nevertheless.

Lego is striking out in the world of sustainability and the company has already committed to using 100 per cent sustainable packaging by 2025, and has pledged to start using sustainable materials for its plastic bricks.

While a rental service is one aspect that it could look into, it's currently piloting a new scheme called Lego Replay that lets people donate the bricks that they've had enough of to schools, so that they can have a new lease of life. [Brick Fanatics]