Lego Online Promo Is Giving Away a Free Polybag Reindeer From 2016

By Shabana Arif on at

If you're buying Lego for your loved ones this Christmas - or more likely, for yourself - be sure to grab your free reindeer.

The polybag reindeer is free with orders of £35 or more at the online store according to the most recent catalogue. If it looks familiar that's because it is. The reindeer has been released previously, but if you've somehow missed it, now's your chance to pick him up.

The promo kicks off on Monday, November 4, and runs up until Sunday, November 17, so there's plenty of time to get one. Or if you have a healthy obsession with Lego like two thirds of the staff here, you can make eight visits, spending £35 on each one and get yourself a full set of eight reindeer ready to drag Santa's fat arse though the skies.

And if you're looking to top up your Lego Christmas collection in general, the Toy Soldier Ornament hits stores this Friday, November 1, for £6.99.

As we head towards Black Friday, expect Lego deals, offers, and promos to start dropping, like Argos' 10 per cent off offer which should still be valid until the end of today.