Let's Unpack Watchmen's Explosive Premiere in This Spoiler Discussion Zone

By Charles Pulliam-Moore on at

HBO’s Watchmen is so packed with multiple meanings and pieces of social commentary about anti-black racism in America that it begs to be picked over and discussed, if only so that viewers can get a sense of how it’s possible that we all took completely different things away from the first episode.

On its face, Watchmen’s story about police officers donning masks in order to protect them in their fight against a network of crazed white supremacists is a rather black and white way of exploring America’s legacy of institutionalised racism. But when you peel back everyone’s, ahem, masks and contemplate the concepts Watchmen’s attempting to address, you can see the beginnings of what might be a bold and necessary exploration of both power and the role that police officers play in American society.

But maybe that’s just our impression. Maybe you got something completely different out of the premiere that flew under our radar. Maybe, just maybe, you wanna get your thoughts out in the comments down below. This is the place to let those spoilers run free, so be honest: what you think of the first taste of the newest Watchmen epic?