Lidl Hosts Sensory Deprivation Wine Tasting Evening

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lidl wants to prove something about how affordable wines aren't all that bad any more, and has decided the best way of doing this is through a series of wine-tasting events that take place in the dark. As if the colour of the wine is any sort of clue.

£4.90 gets you a place on the Lidl Chateaux Noir events scheduled for London, Glasgow and Manchester, with attendees getting "8 serves of 75ml wine" and a selection of nibbles, to see if cream crackers and Philadelphia taste any different in the dark too. Lidl's "Master of Wine" Richard Bampfield is the host, assisted by serving staff wearing night vision goggles to make sure no one gets hosed and triggers a panic and a blind stampede for the exits.

There will be mince pies afterwards at it's happening in early November. Lidl says it'll get shoppers to ignore the "...preconceptions of bottle design, labels, colour or price," and enjoy wines where you can get 600ml for £4.90 and everyone in the supply chain still makes a profit. [Eventbrite]