The London Eye Changed Direction for an Hour in Case Anyone Didn't Notice

By Shabana Arif on at

In a monumentous move that no one noticed or cared about, the London Eye changed the rotation of its spin to mark the end of British summer time.

The clocks don't actually go back until this weekend, October 27, but the fancy ferris wheel and its operators don't give two hoots about that, and so the London Eye spun round in the opposite direction for a brief hour this morning, and it was free to ride for five people who solved a code posted to the landmark's Twitter account.

I say code. It was a sentence composed backwards, with each word in reverse, and the decoded message was simply the news that the wheel would be spinning backwards. It's the first time it's changed rotation 20 years, and it all kicked off at some godforsaken hour of this morning, while it was still dark outside.

That's a sight you should get used to, but at least we get an extra hour in bed. [Londonist]

Featured image: Unsplash