Odeon Prepares Luxury Dine-In Cinema for London

By Gary Cutlack on at

Odeon is about to further normalise the abysmal modern trend that is the eating of food in the cinema, with the launch of a "Luxe & Dine" variant in London; a multiplex offering posh seats and a full menu of restaurant-style dishes that go way beyond the putting of cheese on Doritos, to create the ideal combined evening destination when there's a new super-hero film out and you've found a person to go with.

The first Odeon Luxe & Dine is launching in London's Islington Square before the end of the year, when cinemagoers will be able to order from a "premium menu" and of course get massively drunk at the same time. It will make three hours of glib CG tedium fly past. We're not entirely sure if you get to eat at/in your luxury reclining seat or if there's an attached restaurant to the side; the announcement says there's "VIP service" on offer, so there may be a buzzer to press if you want a sad teenager to bring you more chips during  lull in the action.

Odeon's UK and Ireland MD Carol Welch said: "It's everything that our guests already love about the Luxe offering, including luxurious recliner seating, with the addition of our all new dine-in menu."