Morrissey Digs to Previously Unknown Estimation Strata

By Gary Cutlack on at

Singer Morrissey, who you may or may not be emotionally attached to depending on your age, has managed to offend and baffle a significant proportion of the few people still defiantly on his side. The good news is he's not been racist this time; the bad news is it will again have you wondering if this is finally the time to go methodically through your recording collections and playlists and delete and/or thumbs-down every once meaningful Smiths song and even bin off Suedehead.

The fuss this time is that the pop star decided to wear a t-shirt bearing the slogan "F**k the Guardian" while performing at a gig in the US, and fans are equally baffled by the sentiment as the choice of cut-off t-shirt at 60 years old. The Guardian is a fairly benign paper, but Morrissey believes there's a vendetta against him playing out within its pages, as every borderline racist thing he says and does is always reported on by the outlet, and it gives his albums extremely poor scores these days, as if he's gone a bit rubbish.

Earlier in the year he said on his own site that: "If I were a postman I would have won a Harassment Case against The Guardian and been awarded 10 million pounds in damages by now," adding that the paper's been trying to get artists to refuse to work with him by asking them why they.... work with him. [Guardian]