Morrisons' Mince Pie Christmas Sandwich Actually Sounds Delicious

By Shabana Arif on at

A mince pie sandwich sounds horrendous, but Wensleydale cheese and mince pie chutney is another story entirely.

Morrisons' festive sandwich combines a festive and fruity panettone-style roll with the aforementioned chutney and cheese, and some cheddar thrown in for good measure. It's on shelves now and will stay on them until Christmas Eve, unless you pluck it off there and buy it for £3, or £3.50 as part of the supermarket's meal deal.

"We’ve upped our Christmas sarnie game this year to offer something completely new for customers," said Richard Jones, Morrisons' Food to Go Buyer.

It certainly sounds more tasty than Greggs' Festive Bake which drops next week. Other Christmassy treats popping up on your local high street includes Five Guys' gingerbread shake, and - weirdly - Mariah Carey Walkers Crisps. Just add eating your way through the town centre to the Christmas list. [Metro]