Attenborough Promises Humanity a Kicking in New BBC Nature Series

By Gary Cutlack on at

BBC producers have found some bits of the planet that haven't yet been immortalised in HD by a wildlife documentary crew, and is planning to release new seriesĀ Seven Worlds, One Planet this autumn. And this time we're promised that it won't gloss over humanity's role in stinking the world up with our water bottles, discarded flip flops and general detritus.

The trailer, though, is definitely all glossy-eyed wonder about funny animals, with no mention about how half the things in it will be extinct or at least sadly chewing on a margarine tub while waiting to die by the time the Blu-ray goes on sale:

The promise to examine our part in destroying everything comes from the press release, where the BBC team says the series "...touches on the many challenges faced by animals in a modern world dominated by humans" and will cover "...the threats upon it and how some species are adapting to a changing world." A sad two minutes at the end it is, then.

The BBC's running a free public preview of the first episode on October 23 -- a week ahead of TV broadcast -- if you can be in London on that date, with tickets randomly allocated to all applicants. Attenborough himself will be there to field questions about plastic bottles, penguins, chimp sex etc.. [BBC]