Leaks Claims a Nvidia Shield TV Pro and TV Dongle are Both on the Way

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this year we heard rumours that the Nividia Shield would be getting updated, though that update looked so minor it was barely worth having at all. Well it seems as though those rumours were true, because it looks as though something called the Shield TV Pro is on the way. Oh and there's a Shield dongle that sticks into the back of your TV as well.

Let's start with the Shield TV Pro, which leaked thanks to a now-removed listing on Amazon.com. A lot of things will seem familiar to Shield enthusiasts, since it has the same design as the current model as well as the same 16GB storage and 3GB of RAM. But the Pro model will come with the upgraded Tegra X1+ processor, which promises to be 25% faster than the regular Tegra X1, and a bunch of other smaller things.

There's support for Dolby Vision, Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, Dolby Atmos, and a feature that enables 'AI upscaling' that will upscale your content to near-4K resolution in real time. The remote has been redesigned, coming with a new triangular design, buttons with motion-activated backlighting, extra media controls, and a customisable menu button.

Oh and we have all the other things that the last Shield had, like Plex support, a SmartThings hub, 4K Chromecast capabilities, Nvidia GeForce, and so on.

Image via Android Police

Now the dongle, which seems to be the more exciting part of this wave of leaks, which we know about thanks to a deleted listing on Newegg Canada,

The listing calls it the 'Shield TV' which suggests this will be complementing the Shield TV Pro as some sort of entry-level model. As you can see in the images it's also shaped like a tube, which is unlike any other dongle I've seen before. Then again as long as it fits behind the TV, who cares?

Powered by Android TV it comes with a Gigabit ethernet port, HDMI out capable of streaming 4K HDR content (HDR10 and Dolby Vision) alongside 8GB of storage that can be expanded via a USB-C Port. On top of this we have dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a Tegra Z1+ processor that has some X1+ cores to deal with upscaling content.

In other words it's basically a smaller version of the SHield with less storage.

The Shield TV Pro is set to come out on 28th October, according to Amazon, and will cost $199 (£155 directly converted), while the Shield dongle has no release date it was listed as CA$200 (£119 directly converted). No word on UK pricing or availability right now. [The Verge | Android Police]