Apple Rumoured to Be Launching Noise Cancelling Airpods Pro This Month

By Shabana Arif on at

Apple blew its load at its event last month, but it seems it was holding out on us with a pro version of its Airpods rumoured to be on the way.

The second generation of Airpods launched this year, and we're still waiting on a refresh. The most recent rumour suggests that a pair of noise cancelling earbuds is on the way.

The headphones are reportedly being marketed as a pro version, and will feature a silicone tip to keep all that lovely noise in your ear canal. They're expected to launch with a $260 price tag in the US – so we can expect a price around £260 here in the UK.

Further poking around in the iOS 13.2 beta gave up an image of what we assumes is the new Airpods (via 9to5Mac), as well as signs that the noise cancelling feature of the earbuds can be turned on and off.

The new Airpods are expected to launch before the end of the month at a second event. [TNW]