Ofcom Confirm Scousers Love a Chinwag

By Gavin Whenman on at

The people of Liverpool spend more time talking on their mobile than those in other major British cities.

According to research conducted for communication regulator Ofcom's Mobile Matters report, Scousers spend almost seven minutes chatting on the phone, a full two minutes longer than those in the next chattiest city, London.

Wait, London?!? Doesn't every northern cliche about the capital boil down to its inhabitants being anti-social grumps who'd rather remove their own tongue with a rusty shiv than talk to another human being, let alone make eye contact with them on the Tube? Well, that's not the case according to Ofcom's research.

That's right, the Yorkshire city of Bradford has the most taciturn mobile users in the country and Sheffield didn't fare much better, at least according to an analysis that looked at around 150,000 Android phone users in ten UK cities between the start of this year and the end of March. It also found a quarter of us make less than five mobile calls a month and six per cent don't make any at all, with 60 per cent of calls lasting less than 90 seconds, although Whatsapp, Skype and similar apps were not covered by the analysis.

The research also looked at how we connect to the internet on our phones, with UK users spending 69 per cent (nice) of their time online connected to WiFi rather than 3G or 4G. Perhaps unsurprisingly, mobile data use peaks between 5 and 6pm, as commuters catch up on news and social media, helping the average phone user plough through 1.9GB of mobile data a month. [Ofcom]