The OnePlus 8 Has Leaked Already Before the 7T Pro Has Even Made an Appearance

By Shabana Arif on at

The OnePlus 7T has only just been unveiled, with expectations of a 7T Pro announcement next week, but that's already old news with these reportedly leaked renders of the OnePlus 8.

The renders have come from CashKaro and OnLeaks and are based on "detailed schematics" from an inside source, as opposed to the factory CAD. The most notable change is the front-facing camera, with the notch being replaced by a hole-punch, giving much more screen real estate. Always a plus. There's a  vertical triple camera setup on the rear which is a departure from the newly announced OnePlus 7T's circular array.

Image credit: CashKaro

Leaked images of the almost certainly upcoming OnePlus 7T Pro shows a similar rear camera design, so it's not strayed too far in terms of aesthetics.

The OnePlus source also claims that the new handset will feature wireless charging at last, and in terms of other tweaks that will set it apart from previous generations, the smartphone will see the speaker moved to the bottom of the device. When it comes to the display, the OnePlus 8 will boast a 6.5-inch screen, that will be the first curved display on a device that isn't a Pro from the company. OnePlus has already confirmed that all of its smartphones going forward will incorporate 90Hz displays, so that's something we do know for certain.

As with any leak, all of these details are unconfirmed, so don't put too much stock in it just yet. We've still got next week's OnePlus 7T Global Launch event in London to get through, where we'll most likely see the OnePlus 7T Pro make its debut. [Android Police]

Featured image: CashKaro