Pimped Holy Nikes Sell For £2,000

By Gary Cutlack on at

A few pairs of extremely customised Nike trainers have sold for a comically extreme price to the world's shoe collectors, with the MSCHF-modified Nike Air Max 97 trainers selling out instantly for a staggering initial price of $1,425 (£1,120) – a value that's doubled already on the resale market. Because shoes are investments now, like everything else, if you keep it in the box.

Trainers resale site StockX shows that a pair sold for as much as £2,000 and the current asking price sits at £3,000, as buyers of the initial run take easy profits. Now, we only have a passing knowledge of the bible from school RE lessons, but seem to remember something about Jesus getting angry once in a marketplace over profiteering? We'd hate to put words into His mouth, but suspect He might not be best pleased about doubling the price of footwear through inflated demand and magiciking money out of the air using a brand He has worked for millennia to build.

The reason for the insane value of these particular Air Max 97s? MSCHF has made them into religious icons it would like us to refer to a Jesus Shoes, by injecting their bouncy soles with holy water sourced from the River Jordan, and also hung a crucifix off the laces and inscribed some bit of the bible onto the upper. Not the bit about coveting goods, though, that would not be on message. [StockX via Mirror]