Barclays Abandons Post Office Cash Withdrawal Scheme

By Gary Cutlack on at

Barclays bank has decided to sabotage the poor little village post offices that are stepping into the money management void left by the departure of small bank branches, as the banking giant is to stop letting its customers withdraw money using their debit cards at post office counters.

Barclays customers will still be able to pay money in, should they have any going spare, but direct withdrawals are going in favour of an enhanced cashback scheme that targets small shops in areas without physical bank branches. That make Barclays quite the odd one out, as the Post Office has reciprocal agreements in place with 28 UK bank and building societies that allow withdrawals of money from customers' bank accounts.

To placate bankless locals, the bank says it's freezing the inexorable closure of small branches in remote spots for two years, plus it promises fun-sounding "pop-up banking pods" by 2021, in as many as 300 locations where the bank has recently lost a branch. [BBC]