Red Poppy Will Now Represent Civilians Killed in Acts of Terror Too

By Shabana Arif on at

The iconic red poppy is getting a refresh to expand the symbolism to encompass victims of terrorism.

The red poppy as we know it is worn to pay homage soldiers who fought in the war, but The British Royal Legion has updated the meaning to pay tribute not just to the Armed Forces, but to victims of terrorist acts, and members of the emergency services, making this year the first time the flowers will be worn to remember civilians.

"Our core positioning hasn’t changed but we do want to make it more explicit in our language, because remembrance is inclusive of all modern Britain and its important communities know their views and values are reflected in our activity," the Legion’s assistant director of remembrance, Robert Lee, told the Guardian.

"Remembrance has a wider meaning and role, and this does include all civilians affected by conflict and terrorism. Remembrance paves the way for reconciliation, but it is up to each generation to find reconciliation for themselves, and the Legion upholds its place bringing people and communities together to have these important conversations."

The next poppy appeal is set for October 24, and given that last year, the charity raised over £50m, the wider meaning now attached to the poppies may see an increase in donations. [BBC News]