Royal Mail Workers Expected to Call Christmas or Black Friday Strikes Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

As many as 100,000 Royal Mail staff represented by the Communications Workers Union have been taking part in a ballot over possible strike action, with the answer expected to be "yes" and the result of the poll made public today at 3:30pm.

The CWU is making quite the show of it all too, and would appear to be revealing the strike action result at a live (and live-streamed) event this afternoon...

....with Royal Mail staff asked to take action over slow movement by bosses on a range of issues, including implementation of pay rises, changes to working hours and the introduction of a reworked pension plan. Should staff vote to strike, it's expected that workers would be called out over either the pre-Christmas window or during the new "Black Friday" online sales bonanza period, for maximum impact and embarrassment to bosses. [Retail Gazette]