Rubik Denied EU Trademark for Well Known Colourful Rotating Cube Puzzle

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rights to the colourful rotating and interlocking cube toy you may reasonably understand to have been legally owned by Erno Rubik for well over 40 years are in the bin today, thanks to the EU's top lawyers ruling that a rotating cube is simply too generic a shape and concept to enforce a trademark upon.

Despite Professor Rubik having sold a branded cube for over 40 years, the EU has upheld a previous decision to end trademark protection for the Rubik's Cube in Europe, with the General Court of the European Union ruling saying previous trademark decisions in the Rubik company's favour were in error as you shouldn't be able to trademark a "...shape whose essential characteristics are necessary to obtain a technical result."

Hence you might be receiving a Cubik's Cube or a YouBrik's Cube for Christmas, one that falls apart before you've even reached your lifetime best of getting one and a half sides complete. [EU [PDF] via Bloomberg]

Image credit: Unsplash