More Samsung Galaxy Folds Are on the Way to UK Stores This Week

By Shabana Arif on at

Samsung's Galaxy Fold has been rolling out in limited runs, and unsurprisingly, it's been selling out pretty sharpish. But never fear! Supplies are being topped up this week.

The Galaxy Fold launched in Korea initially with resellers flogging them on with a big price hike. It launched in the UK with a £1,900 and with a re-stock on the way on October 10, you can get your hands on one if you've been struggling to find a handset.

"The overwhelming response to our most anticipated device yet has been incredible. The demand for the Galaxy Fold 5G is indicative of the increasing desire within the market for innovation and future-proof technology. We’re looking forward to bringing the Galaxy Fold 5G back into the hands of consumers very soon,” said Samsung UK and Ireland corporate vice president, Conor Pierce.

You can find the Galaxy Fold at HarrodsSelfridges, and EE.