Samsung Galaxy Note 11 Reported to Feature in-Screen Camera

By Shabana Arif on at

As smartphone screen real estate becomes an ever-precious commodity, Samsung is finding new ways to integrate its cameras.

The company seems to be taking a leaf out of Oppo's book, who revealed its under screen camera (USC) technology this summer, allowing for a full display, and is said to rival selfie cameras on current smartphones on the market right now.

According to industry sources, Samsung is ferreting away on its own USC for integration into at least one of its handsets next year. Industry leaker @UniverseIce has said that neither the S11 nor the Fold 2 will be sporting this tech, which only leaves the Galaxy Note device when it comes to the company's flagships.

The alternative is to roll it out in one of Samsung's budget handsets, like the A series. Either way, there's no official word just yet. [TechRadar]