Samsung Shows Off its Mini Speaker Ahead of the Galaxy Home's Launch

By Shabana Arif on at

Samsung is giving us a glimpse of its Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker even though the full-sized speaker still doesn't have a launch date.

The Galaxy Home Mini was released in Korea last month as part of a beta program, and we've not heard much about it outside of that, but Samsung has had the speaker on display at the Samsung Developer Conference, giving us a closer look at the mini smart speaker in real life.

We first heard about the Mini in January with the news that Samsung was working on a smaller, cheaper version of the Galaxy Home speaker - which we've been waiting on since last August. We got a first look back in May along with preliminary details on the device, but we've yet to get a launch date for the full-size Galaxy Home or the Galaxy Home Mini.

Image credit: Future

TechRadar reports that the smaller speaker appears to have been developed in collaboration with AKG, but looks pretty par for the course in the realm of smart speakers. It has volume controls on the top and a fabric cover, but a release date still eludes us.

Meanwhile, Google launched its Nest Mini this month, that's available in a range of colours and doesn't use the crappy Bixby assistant which is exclusive to Samsung, of course, so we'll see how the smart speakers - mini and otherwise - fare when they finally join a marketplace that already offers a range of more than adequate options. [TechRadar]

Feature image credit: Future