H&M Boss Says Stop Shaming People for Binning Last Month's Unfashionable Trousers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The boss of H&M would prefer it if we didn't all start shopping in charity shops while shaming others for buying new clothes all the time, as this sort of attack on modern consumer norms could lead to "terrible social consequences."

Karl-Johan Persson is including the current war on frequent flyers and other supposed high-carbon lifestyles too, and is of the opinion that shaming large social groups for their lifestyle choices may end up marginalising and angering them, in return for making what could only be a "... small environmental impact." And he's become very wealthy from selling t-shirts for a business his dad started up, so should know.

PerssonĀ is appealing to us on the basis that the fashion industry is a vast global employer, particularly in poorer countries, a fact that ought to give it some leeway when it comes to battering the clothing industriesĀ for their wasteful ways. He said of the current wave of environmental concern: "It's a huge threat and we all need to take it seriously -- politicians, companies, individuals. At the same time, the elimination of poverty is a goal that's at least as important."

Solutions like "...environmental innovation, renewable energy, improved materials" are the way forward that still allow everyone to bin outdated jumpers without shame, he says, rather than egging people emerging from H&M because they bought the new type of leggings like the ones someone off the telly wore last month. [Independent]

Image credit: Unsplash