The OnePlus 7T Price Just Leaked, Hours Before the 7T Pro Launch Event

By Tom Pritchard on at

One of the most irritating things about the OnePlus 7T reveal was that the company flat out ignored the European and UK pricing, which is a spectacularly stupid thing to do. Instead it looked like we'd have to wait until today, when OnePlus had a separate event in London where we will presumably hear about the 7T Pro. Well, it looks like the price for the 7T and 7T Pro McLaren Edition has gone and leaked just a few hours before that event.

This news comes from serial OnePlus leaker Ishan Agarwel, who posted the pricing for the two devices on Twitter. Sadly the price of the regular 7T Pro is nowhere to be seen.

For those counting €599 is slightly less than the €609 8GB/256GB OnePlus 7, slightly more than the €559 6GB/128GB, and directly converts to £540. Naturally the 7T has 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage, so it seems the pricing this time round may be slightly higher than earlier this year. The top-tier OnePlus 7 Pro (with 12GB RAM and 256GB of storage) was €829, which means there's a €30-€40 jump for the McLaren Edition – assuming those specs and prices are correct. That also converts to £746, if you want a benchmark of an absolute minimum price for this phone.

Obviously we're not going to find out exactly how much people are going to have to pay, or even what the OnePlus 7T Pro has in store for us, until the launch event kicks off at 4pm this afternoon. Thankfully you can watch the whole thing unfold as it happens via the livestream, or you can just come back later and see what we have to say about all these new devices. [TechRadar]