This Week's Argos Toy Deal Gets You 20% off Play-Doh, Nerf Guns, and Power Rangers

By Tom Pritchard on at

Toys are big business in the run up to Christmas, and Argos knows it's the cheapest and most convenient retailers that can get the most money out of parents and kidults alike. And this week it's money off Play-Doh, Nerf, and Power Rangers.

It's week three off the retailer's 'Crazy Code' deals, which gives you a special discount code that's valid for a single week. This week the code Play20 will get you 20 per cent off the three brands mentioned above, even if they've already been discounted one way or another.

And it's everything Argos has in those brands. Even the giant-sized Nerf Elite Titan CS-50, which has an RRP of £98. It's already 25% off, but with the extra code you get another £14.70 off. In other words, it's £58.50, which is almost half price. That thing fires 50 darts from its drum, and would make you king of the playground.

Of course this offer only applies to online orders, so don't go reserving the item and paying in store. That's going to cost full price, and nobody wants that. But click and collect orders are valid, just so long as you pay upfront and not when you pick up. Obviously home delivery is included, but that costs extra money.