Three's Network is Having Issues, Which is Just Dandy

By Tom Pritchard on at

With the amount of stuff we do on our phones these days, it's never good to wind up without a solid data connection. Whether that's due to poor signal or the network itself going completely tits up for reasons that haven't been explained to customers. Which is exactly what has happened to Three this morning.

The issues began overnight, with Downdetector reporting that they started happening at around 11.28pm last night. Customers have since reported that they were losing access to data and voice services. This morning some users have claimed their services have started being restored, the connection is rather sketchy and intermittent - which is easily more infuriating than having no connection at all.

And I can confirm there were issues as well, since my Three-powered phone said it had phone signal but not a data connection. I was able to make a call with no issues, but had problems with a data connection. Until midway through writing this sentence when it magically started working again. Didn't even have to reboot my phone to do it.

So while some people will be having problems, it seems service is starting to pick up again. That means everyone on Three is just going to have to be patient for a bit longer. Or try restarting your phone, some people think that might help. [Guardian]