Two-Factor Your Origin Account For One Free Month Of EA Access Basic

By Rich Stanton on at

Well, the main EA story of the last few days is the FIFA 20 Global Series website leaking player data. But with somewhat amazing timing, EA is also offering a bonus for its customers who make their Origin accounts more secure by adding two-factor authentication (for some reason EA insists on referring to this as Login Verification).

Yes two-factor's a bit of a pain, but there's no doubt it makes any account more secure (usually from yourself but hey). And if you're already using Origin or just fancy a month of free games then it's a bit of a no-brainer.

Anyone who wants to take advantage of this has the month of October to do so, and the free month starts on November 1. There are 219 games on Origin Basic, apparently, including the high-profile likes of AnthemBattlefield VTitanfall 2 and so on (full list here). My tip? Use this freebie to give Mass Effect: Andromeda a chance, because I reckon it was much better than folk said.

To find the option, set up or log into your EA account and click 'security.' Then choose the 'Login Verification', turn it on, and you can opt to have a code sent to your phone, email, or to the Origin app.

Pleasingly enough, those who have already enabled the extra security layer will also get the bonus.

This story first appeared on Kotaku UK.