Vagina Museum's Alcohol License Will Lead to Rowdy Parties, Say Locals

By Shabana Arif on at

The opening of the Vagina Museum is due in a few weeks, but the alcohol license it just got has residents worried that it'll become party central.

The concern is apparently based on the face that it's a building with vagina-related content inside, which always gets people into the mood to party. Were you planning on heading to the club for your hen do? Forget that tired old routine. A museum dedicated to fannies is clearly the place to be.

Camden Council has received a letter from the Harmood Clarence Hartland residents association saying that locals are "particularly alarmed" by the prospect of stag and hen parties visiting the venue to get smashed, now that it has an alcohol license.

Patricia Thomas, who penned the letter, said that the museum's efforts to quell any "raucous and difficult to control" gatherings will ultimately end up with them being tossed out onto the streets, which is when it becomes everyone else's problem.

Kathryn Gemmell, the chairman of Tenants Residents Associations, Camden Town, suggested that the museum is actively trying to attract hen and stag dos, but that's tough shit, because the license was granted anyway.

Florence Schechter, director of the Vagina Museum, said she was "honoured" by the booze license, adding that she "heard and engaged with residents’ concerns."

If you want to go and sozzled while pondering the mysterious lure of the lady garden, the museum opens on November 16, with alcohol being served between 6pm and 10.30pm, Monday to Sunday.