Vodafone Begins Gentle Exit From Running High Street Shops

By Gary Cutlack on at

Vodafone's chief exec may be about to free up a few high street locations to be turned into branches of Greggs, as the mobile network's boss Nick Read has revealed a plan to close as many as 1,000 of the chain's physical branches across Europe.

The changes are only planned for mainland Europe at the moment, so they'll be making way for branches of Greggories or Greggorios instead. Vodafone currently operates 7,700 physical branches across the continent, which does seem a little unnecessary when everything we buy nowadays is wedged through a letterbox by a courier.

In addition to the closures, many other EU Vodafone high street branches are to be reconfigured. The lucky ones will be expanded into thrilling network connectivity and hardware demonstration showcases (Apple store clones?), while many smaller branches run the risk of being downgraded into "click and collect" destinations for orders, or even suffer the ultimate indignity of being transitioned into a kiosk.

Read explained: "The purpose of a store is changing, we will have more experience stores, less standard format stores. We will see a whole transformation of the store estate." The UK branch network is safe for now, though, so you're fine if you have a favourite phone shop you go to at lunch time to imagine walking out with the week's hottest £56-a-month model. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Unsplash