Wales Wants to Future Proof Homes by Adding EV Charging Points to Them as Standard

By Shabana Arif on at

The Home Builders' Federation is adamant that all new housing estates in Wales need to incorporate charging points for electric cars or no bugger will want to use them.

The committee is concerned that drivers will be hesitant to make the switch to electric vehicles due to the lack of charging points across the country, and that ensuring that new estates allow for a minimum of 10 per cent of parking spaces to have chargers will make a significant difference.

There are only 547 public charging points in Wales, compared to England's 12,763, with 60 of those being rapid chargers. Here in England, there are over 2,000 rapid chargers, so it does have a point.

"We have set out we will work with partners to increase the availability of charging infrastructure in Wales, whilst also being very clear that we expect the private sector to deliver the majority of charge-points," said a spokesman for the Welsh government.

"We have also worked with partners to secure £459,000 from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) for electric vehicle charge-points in the five Gwent local authorities." [BBC News]

Feature image credit: Wikipedia