The New Wizarding World Harry Potter Mobile Companion App Has a AR Sorting Hat to Decide Your House

By Shabana Arif on at

Harry Potter fans have a slew of content to explore with the new, interactive Wizarding World website and companion app.

This includes an AR Sorting Hat you can position on the top of your bonce while you await its judgement. Even if you've already been sorted, you can "reaffirm" your house pride, which means pissing about with the aforementioned Sorting Hat using your smartphone camera, presumably.

The new Wizarding World website is where you'll find everything previously located at, but now with original content and interactive experiences. There's an Official Harry Potter Fan Club, and a paid subscription that gets you a gift once a year, and a bevvy of "exclusives and special offers," although pricing and pertinent details have yet to be confirmed.

"We have a wonderful opportunity to create new experiences including a fan club for the digital age, which offers an amazing breadth of content and new interactive platforms that will give our fans around the world a truly connected experience across the Wizarding World universe," said Paul Kanareck, managing director of Wizarding World Digital.

The app has a bunch of features for fans of all ages supposedly, like videos, quizzes, the Wizarding Weekly fanzine, and more. You can download it now on Google Play and the App Store.