Microsoft Announces a Game Pass/Spotify Deal That's a Bit Shit

By Shabana Arif on at

The deal is only going to be of any use to people who have never ever used Spotify Premium in any capacity whatsoever, and have never signed up for Game Pass.

The limited time offer is giving you access to six months of Spotify Premium – the ad free version that's not total bollocks – if you subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass for PC. The catch is that it's only open to users who've never tried Premium before. And on the Game Pass side, it's not valid for previous or existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. So no wonder it's such a generous offer; there's no bugger out there who qualifies for the bloody thing.

Xbox Game Pass itself is great. It gives you access to over a massive collection of console and PC games that continues to grow. Just this week, Dishonored 2 and World War Z were announced along with a handful of other games. Game Pass Ultimate also includes Xbox Live Gold membership which includes exclusive member discounts and deals.

You can still sign up to Ultimate for £1 or your first month, or get two months for £2, after which the usual monthly fee of £10.99 will kick in.

Either way, you give it a whirl for cheap, even though you probably won't be able to take advantage of the Spotify deal, because it's absolutely ridiculous.