YO! Sushi Rolls Out Big Chopsticks for Big Boys Thanks to the Rugby World Cup

By Shabana Arif on at

Chunky chopsticks are coming to a handful of restaurants in limited quantities because of gargantuan rugby players.

The Rugby World Cup is still going on according to Google Assistant who insisted on reeling off a list of scores nobody asked for, and Yo! Sushi is capitalising on the event's first visit to Japan by running yet another tenuous promo, this time centred around big, burly men and their humongous bear paws.

The supersized 'propsticks' will be rolling out in restaurants across the UK until November 2nd, and are named for 'props', which a cursory Google search informs me is a position in rugby that supports hookers, and honestly, I'm even more confused about the game now than I was before.

These monstrous utensils are double the size of their standard counterparts - both in length and width - and are designed to be substantially more sturdy so as not to snap like a twig in the grip of more hulking hands, while maintaining the appropriate levels of pointiness at the tip to still be usable.

“YO! is always on a mission to make Japanese food available to everyone. With the rugby tournament taking place we saw an opportunity that YO! could improve on. We’re hoping that our Propsticks will allow rugby players and those with slightly larger hands, to enjoy sushi without any struggle," said head of customer experience, Charlotte Whalley.

The propsticks trial will kick off in a few select restaurants, including Belfast Victoria Square, Bristol Cabot Circus, Cardiff St David’s, Leeds Trinity, Liverpool, London's Tottenham Court Road, and Manchester's Trafford Centre. They'll be available in limited quantities and it's first come, first served, so make sure you ask a member of staff to get your hugely oversized hands on a pair.

Yo! Sushi will also be adding a limited edition item to its menus if one of the Home Nations teams wins the World Cup. As it stands, England and Wales are still in with a chance, and will be facing off against New Zealand and South Africa respectively in this weekend's semi-final, which means Fish and Chips Nigiri with Wasabi Peas, or Welsh Rarebit & Pickle Roll could be coming to a restaurant near you.