Yorkshire's Dogger Bank Signs Deal for 300 Giant Turbines

By Gary Cutlack on at

The consortium preparing the 3.6GW Dogger Bank offshore wind power project has signed a deal with a turbine provider, and it's gone for the biggest possible option in the form of the GE Renewable Energy Haliade-X – the 260m beasts capable of generating 12 MW apiece.

As many as 300 of them will end up out there by 2025, eventually generating enough power to run 4.5m homes or deliver 5 per cent of the UK's entire electricity need. Norwegian energy firm Equinor and SSE are the main managers of the Dogger Bank project, where the turbines are safely hidden from view by being around 80 miles off the Yorkshire coast.

The total cost of getting the site online is budgeted at around £9b, an outlay that's already been offset by the winning of contracts to sell the power generated to the grid at a rate of £39.65 per Megawatt hour; the cheapest wind-sourced energy price yet. [SSE via Guardian]