[Update: Plus Free Google Home Hub] A Pixel 4 for £29 a Month is Likely the Best Price You'll See This Side of the Pixel 5 Launch

By Tom Pritchard on at

[Update: This deal now comes with a free Google Home Hub, which just made a great deal even better]

There's a lot to like, or dislike, where the Pixel 4 is concerned, though the £669 RRP isn't going to look good on anyone's credit card statement. Not when you have to take into account the data, minutes, and texts you're going to need to use once the phone is actually in your possession. But thankfully there is a deal that makes it an awful lot easier on your wallet.

Mobiles.co.uk has just launched a deal on the 64GB Pixel 4, offering it for £29 a month and £10 upfront. That means it costs £706 in total, which is rather good even if you take the ongoing £70 Black Friday discount into account. It's £107 difference in that respect, and means you get a 20GB data plan (with unlimited minutes and texts) for around £4.45 a month.

Even if we were talking about the normal RRP, that would work out at £1.54 a month for the ability to actually use your phone. Everyone can agree that this is a very good deal.

Just remember that the phone is locked to Vodafone, and the deal probably won't be around for very long.