Alexa Gets a Voice-Activated Crossword Puzzle for Her Birthday

By Shabana Arif on at

It was Alexa's birthday this week, so if you didn't get her anything, she's probably livid. She got something for you - a new skill.

As long as you have an Alexa-enabled device with a screen, you can play daily crossword puzzles with up to 10 clues for free, with a new one each day. And if you get a kick out of that little taster, you can upgrade to a Puzzler Premium subscription, which gets you beefier crosswords of up to 20 clues, and up to 84 of them per month.

“We believe in the power of voice to create more interactive experiences for people and to deliver greater engagement for brands. Puzzler Media has a history of evolving their content in a fast-moving market and we are proud to partner with them to create this voice-activated experience, bringing an exciting new dimension to the world of crosswords and puzzles," said Richard Matthews, CEO and Founder of Vocala, who developed the skill along with Puzzler Media.

If you give it a whirl and decide you'd like to shell out for the premium subscription, there's a free seven day trial, and after that, it'll cost you £2.99 per month.