How Much of a Discount Will Amazon's Fire TV and Echo Devices Get for Black Friday?

By Tom Pritchard on at

With Black Friday coming up, saving money is going to be on a lot of people's minds. And with Amazon going big on Black Friday again, as it always does, plenty of us will be wondering what sort of discounts we can expect to see on the Amazon-made devices. The Echos, Fire TVs, Kindles, and all the other things the company makes these days.

Interestingly, Amazon US has released this information already, but Amazon UK has been keeping that information close to its chest. But we figured we might be able to work out how much us Brits can expect to save by using the US deals as a guide of sorts.

Obviously we can't guarantee that these figures will end up being completely accurate. It seems likely Amazon would keep a similar percentage discount on its devices across the world, but we can't say that will definitely happen. So this is a very rough guess, and should not be taken as absolute fact.

The Direct Conversions

A lot of Amazon's stuff has been directly converted with the $1=£1 exchange rate many a tech-lover has had to suffer. In those cases, we can expect that the US discount will probably work out the same as the UK for obvious reasons. So simply switch the dollar sign for a pound sign to get an idea of what we might get.

  • The Fire 7 is going from $50 to $30 stateside, which would translate to £20 off over here.
  • The Fire 7 Kids Edition is going from $100 to $60, which hopefully means a similar £40 saving in the UK
  • Fire HD 8 is going from $80 to $50, which would presumably mean a £30 saving over here
  • Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is going from $130 t0 $80, which would translate to a £50 saving here.
  • Fire HD 10 is going from $150 down to $100, which could easily mean a similar £50 saving in the UK
  • Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Remote is going from $50 to $25, meaning we may also end up saving £25 - which is an absolute bargain, even if the FireOS interface is terrible.
  • The regular Fire TV stick with Alexa remote is going from $40 to $20, which should hopefully translate to a similar £20 saving over here
  • The Fire TV Cube is going from $120 to $90, which means we may see it drop £30 once it goes on sale in the UK.
  • Echo Dot with Clock is dropping from $60 to $35, which should translate the same way here. Notably this would be £10 less than the current discount available on Amazon UK
  • The Echo Dot is dropping from $50 to $22, which is pretty low even for Echo Dot standards. Presumably we'll get a £28 discount applied over here too.

The Ones That Aren't Direct

  • The Kindle Paperwhite normally costs $130 in the states, but is getting a $45/35% decrease. Since it costs £120 here, that same 35% discount means we may well get it for around £78 here.
  • The 3rd Generation Echo is normally $100 in the states, and is getting a $40/40% discount down to $60. It costs £90 here, which means a similar discount would mean we may be getting it for £54
  • The Echo Show 5 is $90 in the US, but costs £80 here. It's getting a $40/44% decrease. If we get the same deal it'll cosy £44.80, though let's round it up to £45 for the sake of neatness.

The Weird Ones

The Echo Show is a bit of an odd mix, because the tablet isn't sold by itself in this country. You have to buy it as a bundle with Phillips Hue bulbs. But that costs £232 at full retail price, while the Echo Show costs $230 on its own in the US. It's also currently discounted to £220.

The US discount for the Echo Show knocks it down by $80/35% so that it only costs $150 – a significantly better discount than what we currently enjoy on the bundle. Who knows whether we'll get a better one, since it's a bundle, but if we do then we can estimate somewhere around the £150 mark, since 35% off leaves us with a £150.80 price. But since that's a weirdly unrounded number, it probably won't be that.

The Blink XT2 three camera kit, meanwhile, normally comes out as $250 in the States, whereas it costs £260 here. It's getting a $65/26% decrease down to $185 over there, and using that same logic it means we might be getting it for £192.40. That said, the first pre-Black Friday sales already have this down to £195, so we may get it even lower – or that might be the only discount it sees.

Once again, this is your warning that my estimates are only advisory. There's no guarantee we'll get the same discounts as Amazon US, so don't take our word as gospel – these prices are based on assumptions only. With pre-Black Friday sales already kicking off on Amazon and the real thing not far away, it won't be too much longer until we find out for sure.