Amazon's Pre-Pre-Black Friday Sale, Called Hidden Gems, is Now On

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday we mentioned that Amazon was doing some early deals for something called 'Hidden Gems' - which was yet another sale to add to the long list of sales Amazon takes part in. Well, today is the day Hidden Gems kicks off for real, and it's the first of five days of deals.

The idea behind Hidden Gems, according to Amazon, is to offer "unique products from small businesses, top sellers, and innovative start-ups". That said the sale page itself says its about "discovering [Amazon's] best kept secrets for less", which suggests its products from companies without the same brand recognition as the big corporations.

Checking the deals that are available today shows me that the latter seems to be true, though a few known companies (like Anker) pop up in the list.

So what do we have? As is the way there are selections of Lightning Deals that will only be available for a limited time, vouchers, best deals under £15, and plenty more categories to choose from. There's a lot to get through, and considering these are generally the cheaper brands you've never heard of, the fact you can get extra money off is a nice bonus.

The Hidden Gems sale is set to continue for five days, which means it will all end at 23:59 on Tuesday 12th November. That gives us ten days before Amazon's Black Friday sales kick off, and ample opportunity to bombard us with pre-Black Friday deals to part us from our cash.