Amazon Has Another Sale Starting Tomorrow, But Deals are Already Live

By Tom Pritchard on at

Forget Black Friday, because Amazon has another sale in mind for the immediate future. According to the retailer, the 'Hidden Gems' sale will kick off tomorrow, but in an unsurprising turn of events Amazon has already discounted loads of stuff as part of the sale. In other words, there are bargains to be had right now. No more waiting around for Black Friday to rear its ugly head.

There's no page on Amazon explaining exactly what the Hidden Gems sale is all about, but looking over the deals that are currently active tells me it's about highlighting products from companies most people won't have heard of. There's a whole range of products on sale, including tech, pet beds, booze, toys, and more, but none of it is from what you'd call a big-name company. In other words not the kind of company that would make headlines with their own Black Friday discounts - no matter how good their products may be.

So I guess it makes sense to give these products their own sale and a bit of the spotlight before they're drowned in a sea of discounts from everyone else. There's no word on when the sale will actually end (it's not due to officially start until tomorrow, remember), but it's worth checking out what's on offer and seeing if there's anything you need. After all saving money is a good thing, especially if you're not frivolously spending money on stuff you didn't want before.

And make sure to keep checking back, because Amazon being Amazon there are bound to be more deals every day.