Amazon's Black Friday Deals Kick off on 22nd November

By Tom Pritchard on at

Black Friday is no longer a single day on the calendar when people go out of there way to fight each other over a discounted TV. It's now a season, with deals taking place over the course of several days and helping you spread out all the money you end up spending on stuff you didn't know you needed. It probably helps you spend more too, since you're not doing it all at once and being extra careful about spending your Christmas bonus before you actually get it.

Well now Amazon has confirmed it's sticking with that whole 'Black Friday season' rather than a single day.

Amazon's Black Friday sale kicks off on 22nd November, and with Black Friday taking place the following Friday it means there will be at least eight days of deals. Though when you bring Cyber Monday into the mix it means you'll probably get at least three more out of it, bringing the total up to 11. And then there are usually pre-Black Friday sales to contend with, meaning we'll likely end up with more than two weeks of discounted products from Jeff Bezos and his legions of warehouse staff.

Imagine the sheer amount of crap products that will be on sale for one reason or another, while everyone tries to sift through them all to try and find the few dozen that are actually worth buying.

As usual Amazon promises a whole range of daily and lightning deals, and there are bound to be so many of them that you won't be able to sift through them all. Believe us, we have to do that job every year, and it's a pretty hefty task. That said you can always count on Echos and other Amazon-made devices to get some significant discounts, because Amazon has to get them into your house somehow.